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Acidic skin flare-ups cause physical and psychological stress and dandruff

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Acidic skin flare-ups cause physical and psychological stress and dandruff

Notapor ~ » Jue Feb 08, 2018 10:01 am

The skin of the scalp and the face,
as well as less so that of the rest
of the body (mainly wet and soft one)
exudates highly acidic compounds along
with the oils and sweat.

It causes dandruff lesions, dryness,
dandruff scales, skin redness and peeling
leaving the live skin layer exposed, itching,
specially if the person lives in a
dry environment, for example always besides
a computer, which dries the whole surface
of the body constantly, causing the acidic
compounds to be retained in the body
and getting concentrated.

Soaps and shampoo don't really remove
the acid, but a temporary solution is
to use a filtered water spray bottle
to apply on the face, head, ears,
and the whole head. Also taking regular

Using a water spray bottle constantly to
keep the hair and face/head skin wet enough
as to dissolve the acids and let them get
flushed out of the body is a necessary measure.
Using a gas mask at least for moments is also
beneficial as the acidic vapor that will
be generated when the hair and head/face are
wet, can even cause stomach acidity to increase
and cause discomfort due to an induced reflux.

Getting rid constantly and effectively of
the acid generated in the head through the skin
will immediately show benefits like a better
general health sensation in the whole body,
removed stress, and less tiredness, since probably
those acids are stressing our brain into keeping
its vital chemistry, but in doing so, keeping
a right chemistry in the presence of such acids will
drain us from almost all of our work energy, so
they must be removed with our manual help.

It must have to do with the rest of sweat wastes in
the body that give an adult bad smell, with the
bacterias in the gastrointestinal tract, the
amount of uric acid and the acidity of the blood.
Those things should be fully flushed from toxins,
an adult probably shouldn't smell bad when not
taking regular baths, or the individual could be
considered mildly but increasingly sick and should
be treated until no skin lesions or odor keep

Maybe that's why we have the greatest ideas while
taking a bath, we are getting rid of the batch of
acidic compounds that we have for that moment,
so we end up filling really well and since we are
no longer fighting to keep our chemistry, we end up
having enough energy to think clearly again.

Probably keeping an acid-flushing regime for the
head, hair and the whole body's skin and eyes,
probably if we clear our mouth and throat with water
and massively spitting all the time, we will even
be able to revert the effects of aging, which are
probably the breakdown of the skin due to the
accumulated highly acidic compounds and lack of
water constantly, since no sea animal has ever
looked like an old person due to its hydration.

Probably white hairs are really a measure of those
acidic compounds. The more somebody has them,
the more white heir they will have. Maybe those
acid compounds not just play a role in dandruff and
stress, but in the death and aging process, but if
they are removed constantly, such processes should
not occur by those means.
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