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Program to Turn Off the Monitor (monoff.exe)

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Program to Turn Off the Monitor (monoff.exe)

Notapor ~ » Sab May 27, 2017 8:17 pm

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Program to Turn Off the Monitor (monoff.exe)

ZIP ArcheFire_monoff-2017-05-25.zip

This x86 32-bit program only needs to make a single call to the WinAPI.
//Turn off monitor

With raw values:
//Turn off monitor
 SendMessage(0x00000FFFF, 0x000000112, 0x00000F170, (LPARAM) 2);

In Assembly with raw values:
push dword 2
push dword 0x00000F170
push dword 0x000000112
push dword 0x00000FFFF
call dword[SendMessageA@USER32.DLL]

Unlike these other two applications for the same purpose:

http://gizmoware.net/monoff/ (97 Kilobytes)
http://www.columbia.edu/~jjm2190/projects/monoff.html (hasta 5 Megabytes con .NET)

... my version is open source, written in Assembly, is less than 5 Kilobytes in size and doesn't need .NET, only the basic WinAPI, so it should work even in an old 386 with 32-bit Window, even in machines with Windows 7 and later (8, 10, etc...).
IP for hosts file (email udocproject@yahoo.com to get updates if website becomes offline):
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