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Hi! My name's Craig Hart, welcome to my Website. I am a PC technician, network administrator, network engineer and part-time programmer, with about 18 years experience in the PC industry. Follow the links on the left to get around the site.

This website is mostly about the PCI family of I/O busses, which are found in most modern 'PC' or 'x86' architecture machines, as well as a lot of other types of equipment such as Macs, Sun Workstations, etc. Here you will find documentation, programmer's info, diagnostic programs, PnP device databases and lots of other juicy stuff.

I collect PnP ID's for modern systems - true PnP capable hardware carries a software signature which is readable to programs and uniquely identifies the both manufacturer and device. With the aid of a database of equipment and some clever software, much interesting information can be obtained about unknown devices. This may assist you with finding drivers and technical support contacts, or just exploring the device's capabilities at a more detailed level. Everything you need to get started is available here.

The correct URL  to access this site is

You can email me: chart (at) datafast (dot) net (dot) au. Reconstruct the email address yourself (Anti-SPAM measure). Do NOT email me if you just want me to help you solve your hardware setup problems, because I will NOT!!!

You may be interested to know that the PCI bus forms the basis for quite a few other types of system busses: AGP, Cardbus, PCI-X, SmallPCI, CompactPCI, PCI Express and probably others. This website attempts to cover all these variations and typically just refers to them all as just PCI.

The main point of this site is to distribute my PCI diagnostic software, however I have collated a lot of PCI related information together here for everyone to take and enjoy. Everything you download directly from this site is 100% freeware - do what you want with it. A credit and link to this site in any derivative material you create would be nice :-)


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