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New tutorial by Cody Mays|1/30/07

Hi guys! I just wanted to say that we have a new tutorial on LBA HDD access written by #osdev's own, Dragoniz3r. I hope this helps a few of you. Check out the irc channel if you have any questions. The tutorial can be found here.

New ownership! by Cody Mays|1/21/07

Hi guys! I would like to inform you that osdever.net now has new owners. Xsism has given us full control over the site, he's still the host though. "We" includes a few of us regulars from irc: Cody (me), journey, and Bran. A few others may help from time to time, but we are the main ones.

We plan on first organizing the site. There is a lot of content here to manage and this has been a problem in the past. (We're thinking of moving this over to a database.) The second thing we plan on doing is getting more tutorials and updating all of the current ones. If you have any suggests for fixes on current tutorials, or would like to submit one, please email cody[a.t.]osdeverDOTnet and I will see what can be worked out.

UI Changes Complete by mr. xsism|12/7/06

I removed the chat page since anyone that really wants to join chat can simply use an IRC client. Everything else seems to be ok. There is a new contact address beign used, so if you have any input or things that were changed that you HATE, please use the contact form.

I hope that this update will make way for getting the site back to expectations. I'm doing what I can with what little time i'm given. I still need to convert the documents and downloads(as well as host newer versions of apps) to DB storage and merge links with offsite tutorials. I will then make the live search be on the front page and work with the entire site. I want to have the new database system workign by next Wednesday.

Thanks for any feedback, i'm sure it's hugely needed as my tastes don't always reflect the community's

Bona Fide Site Work by mr. xsism|12/6/06

I am currently working on site changes, updates, and optimizations. They are as follows:

  • Switching from beta alternate CSS
  • Replacing structural tables with semantic CSS
  • Removing Cottontail Link, merged with regular database of articles. New database will go live soon
  • Merging Link DB and offsite links as well as adding anti-spam measures as we get numerous spam ads everyday
  • Filtering dead links from DB
  • Adding ability for users to add resources and submit tutorials

FYI, our email address is not currently being checked regularly due to spam overload. A new contact method/email will be used soon. Thank you for your continued support of osdever.net. I hope Bona Fide will continue to be a useful resource for all geeks alike.

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