Frequently Asked Questions

What information does list?

The site is intended to be a comprehensive collection of data on as many file & data formats as possible. Any information that is useful to programmers such as hardware interface specifications, protocol descriptions and short code examples is also very welcome.

If you have any information that other programmers could make use of then please to the site.

The information on a particular format is incomplete, do you have any more information?

Unfortunately not. Some of the documents are incompletele however I do not know where the missing data can be found. Everything that has been submitted is on the site.

If you happen to find a more complete description of a format elsewhere please or let me know where it can be found so that other people can use it too.

What format should I submit information in?

The preferred formats for information are plain ascii text, HTML and PDF formats as these are freely available. Documents in other formats are always welcome though.

Can You Give Me Personal Support?

Sorry, no. operates as a resource library and is maintained by one person. Unfortunately I don't have the time or knowledge to answer your programming questions or identify unknown files.

Can I link to your site?

Most certainly, but please only link to the main page at

I want to submit information about a format, what do I do?

You can either submit the file(s) for them to be included on Wotsit's Format. As space on the server and bandwidth are finite, file sizes should be kept as small as possible. Alternatively if you maintain a live resource dedicated to a format, Wotsit's Format can include a link to your site, just let me know the address of the page.

A certain file is listed in the wrong category in the index.

The formats are grouped into a number of categories to make finding them easier and a number of formats exist in multiple categories.

With such a large number of file descriptions on the site it is possible for some to be mis-catalogued. If you find any that are in the wrong section then please let me know so that it can be corrected.