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FormatDescriptionAuthorFile / Link
ACBPhotoshop Color Book File Format (.acb/8BCB)Ates GoralDownload
ACDAdobe ACD File FormatNick BolandDownload
ACSMicrosoft Agent Character Data Specification (.acs, .acf, and .aca)Remy LebeauLINK
ACTPhotoshop .ACT Color Table Format SpecificationskillwasteDownload
ADFAmiga Disk FormatLaurent ClevyDownload
 Amiga Disk Format FAQ v1.07Laurent ClevyLINK
ADIFAmateur Data Interchange Format Specification 1.0Download
AGNPsion Series 3 Agenda filesDownload
AIRAutomated Image Registration AIR and LSM filesLINK
AMIGAAmiga file formats pageLaurent ClevyLINK
ANALYZEMayo Analyze formatLINK
AWSAWSTAPE virtual tape drive Utilities and informationLINK
BARCODESBarcode informationRuss AdamsLINK
BLORBBlorb: A Z-Machine Resource Collection Format Standard - IFRSAndrew PlotkinDownload
BSDLBoundary Scan Description LanguageAssetLINK
CAPSnifferPro 1.5.02 CAP file formatBig VuZZDownload
CASCommunicating Applications Specification v1.2DCA/IntelDownload
 Communicating Applications Specification v1.3 (Addendum to 1.2)DCA/IntelDownload
 Casio Calculator FilesTom WheeleyLINK
CDFNetCDF (network Common Data Form) for scientific dataRuss RewLINK
CDROMIntroduction to ISO 9660 file system CD-ROM FormatClayton SummersDownload
CHKScandisk .CHK filesJeroen MostertDownload
COBOLProgram that strips data out of RM-Cobol files a saves it as a flat format fileLINK
 File Formats of Micro Focus CobolDownload
 Ryan McFarland (RM-COBOL) Index File layoutScott WiliamsonDownload
CONTOURContour Mortgage loan file formatDownload
CVFDriveSpace 3 CVF format (partial)Dean TrowerDownload
D64C64S Commodore 64 Emulator Disk ImageDownload
DFFDFF Dynamic File FormatKreative SoftwareDownload
DICBabylon .DIC files Delphi utilitiesOren J. MauriceDownload
DMADirect Memory Access ProgrammingDraeden of VLADownload
DPFDynamic Process Format v5Barco GraphicsDownload
DPMIDOS Protected-Mode Interface ProgrammingBorlandDownload
EBSMedical Biosignals File FormatDownload
ECARDeCard (Exchange Card) format phone index or phone book formatRichard KingDownload
EDFEuropean Data Format (EDF / EDF+)LINK
EMSLotus/Intel/Microsoft (LIM) Expanded Memory Specification version 4.0Download
EQFWinamp EQF (equalizer settings) file formatAndreas WiesbauerDownload
ESRFEuropean Synchrotron Radiation Facility storage formatPeter DalyDownload
EXPPhar Lap .EXP file definitionsPhar Lap Software, Inc.Download

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