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FormatDescriptionAuthorFile / Link
S19Motorola S-record format (S19, S2, S3)Heiko HagedornDownload
 Motorola format for EEPROM programmingSanjaya VatukDownload
S3IScream Tracker Sample Files S3I,SMPMax MaischeinDownload
S3MScream Tracker 3.01 File FormatsDownload
SAIFSpatial Archive Interchange Format for geographical dataLINK
SAMAMI PRO document format (partial information)Kipp CannonDownload
SASTS-140 The record layout of a data set in SAS transport (XPORT) formatSAS Institute Inc.Download
SATACIS file formatSpatial Technology Inc.Download
SAVSPSS system files *.SAV (Postscript)SPSS Inc.Download
SBIGCCD Astrocamera formats for SBIG ST4 and ST6Hans-Rudolf WernliDownload
SC2SimCity 2000 saved game filesDavid MoewsDownload
SCFWindows Explorer Command FilesJames Van SickleDownload
SCRWindows screen saver filesPaul OliverDownload
 Old MS Word Screen Capture FilesJörn DaubDownload
SCSIAdobe SCSI Input Protocol Specification Version 1.0 (Acrobat)AdobeDownload
SCTScitex Continuous Tone (.CT, .SCT)Jay CoxDownload
SDMLSpacial Data Modeling LanguageSilicon GraphicsLINK
SDTSSpatial Data Transfer StandardLINK
 Spatial Data Transfer StandardUS Geological SurveyLINK
SDXFStructured Data Exchange Format (SDXF)M. WildgrubeLINK
SEAWIFSSeaWiFS Frame Formatter (Level 0) output file formatFrederick S. PattDownload
SERIALSerial Port CentralLINK
SF2Soundfont 2 Technical DetailsLINK
SFFFETSI ETS 300 838 Fax formatLINK
 ITU T.200 Fax file formatLINK
 CAPI 2.0 Fax file formatLINK
SFMSimfarm File Format DocumentaionJeff ConnellyDownload
SFVSFV File FormatJoe GelusoLINK
SFWSFW to JPG converter code (C code)Everett LipmanDownload
 SoundFX module formatClaudio MatsuokaDownload
 SFX Sound effect fileMBDY ProductionsDownload
 Sierra On-Line Audio File Format DescriptionAsatur V. NazarianDownload
 Sierra On-Line Audio File Formats (.SFX, .AUD)Valery V. AnisimovskyDownload
SGFSmart Game FormatLINK
SGISGI Image File FormatPaul HaeberliDownload
SGMLStandard Generalized Markup Language (SGML)LINK
SGOHow to write an IRIS Inventor file translator (Acrobat)Silicon GraphicsDownload
 IRIS Inventor Nodes Quick reference (Acrobat)Silicon GraphicsDownload
SHDWindows 2000 SHD Spoolfile FormatChristoph LindemannDownload

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