Sound and Music Files

FormatDescriptionAuthorFile / Link
669669 and Extended 669 file formatsPrime/InertiaDownload
8SVX8SVX Sample FilesRobert M. TempletonDownload
 8SVX sourcecodeRobert M. TempletonDownload
ABCThe abc Notation SystemChris WalshawDownload
AC1DAC1D packer formatAsle / ReDoXDownload
AIFFAudio Interchange File FormatMax MaischeinDownload
 C Sourcecode for using AIFF filesGuido van Rossum, Lance Norskog And OthersDownload
 Audio Interchange File Format v1.2Apple Computer, Inc.Download
AKAIDisk and file formats for the Akai S900, S950, S01, S1000 and S3000 MIDI Digital SamplersPaul KellettLINK
AKPAkai S5000 / S6000 Sampler AKP file specificationSeb FrancisDownload
ALMAley's Module FormatAley KeprtDownload
AMAM Module format descriptionTHORDownload
AMDAMUSiC Tracker v1.1ConquerorDownload
AMMAudio Manager Module 4Technomaestro/RDGDownload
 Audio Manager Module 3.xTechnomaestro/RDGDownload
AMSExtreme's Tracker AMS Format v1.3Download
 Velvet Studio AMS Format v2.2Patrik OscarssonDownload
APCCryo Interactive APC Audio File Formats (.APC, .HNM, .BF, .ZIK)Valery V. AnisimovskyDownload
ASFWindows ASF formatArt YerkesDownload
 Advanced Streaming Format (ASF) Specification (Draft)Eric FleischmanDownload
 Electronic Arts Audio File Formats (.ASF, .AS4, .KSF, .EAS, .SPH, .BNK, .CRD, .TGV)Valery V. AnisimovskyDownload
 Advanced Streaming FormatMicrosoftLINK
AUSound format used by Sun and NeXT machinesMarshall RoseDownload
AUDWestwood Studios AUD Audio File Formats (.AUD, .TLK, .PAK, .VQA) AddendumValery V. AnisimovskyDownload
 AUD file format used in Command & Conquer and RedalertVladan BatoDownload
AVRAVR (Audio Visual Research) sound formatDownload
AXSAXS realtime analog synthesizer file formatShawn HarrisonDownload
BLBDreamWorks BLB Resource, Music and Sound FormatsValery V. AnisimovskyDownload
BNKAdlib Instrument Bank FormatStephane LajoieDownload
BPMB's Pro Tracker v0.05Kim HeinoDownload
BWFBroadcast Wave FormatEuropen Broadcasting Union (EBU)Download
CAFApple Core Audio Format Specification 1.0Apple Inc.LINK
CD+GCD+G Revealed: Playing back Karaoke tracks in SoftwareJim BumgardnerDownload
CDACD Audio tracks file formatWojtek KaniewskiDownload
 High level overview of CD data layoutAndy PoggioDownload
CLURevolution CLU Resource, Music and Sound FormatsValery V. AnisimovskyDownload
CMFCreative Music File FormatAdam WigginsDownload
CMPFutureVision Audio File Formats (.CMP, .FST, .DAT)Valery V. AnisimovskyDownload
D00Adlib player music formatJoachim FenkesDownload
DCMDCM ModulesMax MaischeinDownload

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