Extensions: 'H'

FormatDescriptionAuthorFile / Link
H.261H.261 InformationLINK
HAHA Archive File FormatMax MaischeinDownload
HAFASHAFAS-j2me Timetable File FormatArkadiusz [Yak] WahligDownload
 HAFAS-Palm PDB Timetable File FormatArkadiusz [Yak] WahligDownload
HBFHanzi Bitmap Font (HBF) File Format version 1.1LINK
HDFHierarchical Data Format v3.2NCSADownload
 Hierarchical Data FormatNCSALINK
HEATSEEKHeatseeker mc1.0 formatAsle / ReDoXDownload
HEXHexadecimal file formats (Intel HEX Format, Split Format INHX8S .HXL/.HXH or .OBL/.OBH, INHX32, PIC Format INHX8M, .OBJ, INHX16, S-Records, Tektronix Hex Format, MOS Technology Hex Object Format)Download
 Intel Hexadecimal Object FileIntelDownload
 Intel HEX Object format for EEPROM programmingSanjaya VatukDownload
HFSHFS Plus Volume FormatAppleDownload
HIREXHIREx Data Specification - Transfer FilesHealth Information Research UnitDownload
HLPOS/2 Help File FormatMax MaischeinDownload
 Utility to disect help filesM. WinterhoffDownload
 HLP/ANN/SHG/MRB Windows 3.x/95 help filesM. WinterhoffDownload
 Useful site devoted to Help filesLINK
HP82240BHP82240B printer codesJarno PeschierLINK
HPFSOS/2 High Performance File SystemDan BridgesDownload
HPGLHewlett Packard Graphics LanguageRalph GrabowskiDownload
HPGL2Hewlett Packard Graphics Language 2Download
HPITotal Annihilation HPI formatJoe DDownload
HPJHelp project file formatMicrosoftDownload
HQRLittle Big Adventure HQR and VOX filesthe KILLERDownload
HQXHQX Format DescriptionYves LempereurDownload
HRTHornet Packer formatAsle / ReDoXDownload
HSDLHierarchical Scan Description LanguageAssetLINK
HTFHyper-G Text FormatLINK
HTMLHTML 4 Specification (W3C approved)Dave RaggettLINK
 HTML 2.0 (RFC 1866 approved by IETF)LINK
 HTML 3.2 Specification (W3C approved)Dave RaggettLINK
HTTPHTTP - Hypertext Transfer ProtocolW3CLINK
HYPHyper Archiver File FormatMax MaischeinDownload
HZData Format for exchanging files of arbitrarily mixed chinese and asciiFung F. LeeDownload

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