Binary Files

FormatDescriptionAuthorFile / Link
A.OUTUnix a.out file format (hp-ux implementation)Hewlett-PackardDownload
ATARIAtari ST executables TOS, PRG, TTP, PRX, GTP, APP, ACC, ACXDaniel FischerDownload
BGIBGI driver C sample code (incomplete)Gene LeeDownload
BINHEXBinHex 4.0 DefinitionPeter N LewisDownload
BORLANDOpen Architecture Handbook--The Borland Developer's Technical GuideBorlandDownload
 Borland Compressed File Formats for old DOS softwareAare Tali, Madis KaalDownload
BORLAND PABorland Pascal Real format information and C codeRichard BifflDownload
BSAVEQuickbasic BLOAD/BSAVE formatDownload
CABMS CAB file format with sourceDownload
CHRBorland CHR File FormatMax MaischeinDownload
CLRCommon Language Runtime (CLR) extensions to Microsoft PE (Portable Executable)Download
COFFDJGPP Common Object File Format SpecificationD J DelorieLINK
COMCOM File FormatMax MaischeinDownload
COMMODORE Commodore 64 File Formats: ARC, ARK, SRK, FRZ, C4-, CPK, CVT, D64, D71, D81, LBR, LHA, LNX, SDA, SFX, T64, WRA, X64, ZIP and othersDownload
DC4ViaThinkSoft (De)Coder FormatDaniel MarschallLINK
DIRECTXDirectX 3.0 Binary FormatDownload
DWARFDWARF (debug with arbitrary record format) (Acrobat)IntelDownload
ELFELF (Executable and Linkable Format)IntelDownload
EXEWindows Executable-File Header Format (3.1)Download
 DOS EXE File FormatMax MaischeinDownload
 Tool Interface Standard ELF/DWARF/OMFIntelDownload
 Portable Executable FormatMicheal J. O'LearyDownload
 Windows and OS/2 EXE File FormatMax MaischeinDownload
 DOS EXE File StructureDownload
 Linear Executable FormatDownload
 OS/2 Load Module Format header file and a sample C codeIgor SemenuykDownload
 Windows Executable-File Header Format (3.1) NE header, self-loading applications, application startupDownload
 Linear eXEcutable File StructureDownload
 Windows EXE File StructureMicrosoft Corp.Download
GEOHome for GEOS OS and file formatsLINK
 file dump utility for Geos operating system (GEO/VM/FNT/00*) with sourceMarcus GroeberDownload
HDFHierarchical Data Format v3.2NCSADownload
 Hierarchical Data FormatNCSALINK
HEXIntel Hexadecimal Object FileIntelDownload
 Intel HEX Object format for EEPROM programmingSanjaya VatukDownload
 Hexadecimal file formats (Intel HEX Format, Split Format INHX8S .HXL/.HXH or .OBL/.OBH, INHX32, PIC Format INHX8M, .OBJ, INHX16, S-Records, Tektronix Hex Format, MOS Technology Hex Object Format)Download
HLPOS/2 Help File FormatMax MaischeinDownload
HPJHelp project file formatMicrosoftDownload
INFOS/2 2.0 Information Presentation Facility (IPF) Data FormatCarl Hauser/Marcus GroeberDownload

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