Graphics Files

FormatDescriptionAuthorFile / Link
ACORNAcorn Graphics FormatsVictor MarkwartLINK
 Acorn Font FormatDownload
AGApplixware Graphics file format (.ag)VistaSource, Inc.Download
AIAdobe Illustrator(R) File Format Specification Version 7.0 (Acrobat)AdobeDownload
 Utility for creating AI filesLINK
 Adobe Illustrator 3.0 Draft Format (Acrobat)AdobeDownload
 Adobe Illustrator 2.0 Format (Acrobat)AdobeDownload
AMFFAmiga Metafile FormatHenk JonasDownload
ATARIST Graphics Formats: NEO, ANI, PI?, PC?, TN?, SPU, SPC, ART, MUR, DOO, FLM, IMG, PAC, IC?, IFF, MACDavid BaggettDownload
BFFBinary File Format DefinitionDownload
BMPThe .bmp file formatStefan HetzlLINK
 Windows Bitmap-File AddendumKevin D. QuittDownload
 OS/2 Bitmap formatLINK
 Windows Bitmap-File Formats (.BMP/.CUR/.ICO)Download
 Windows BMP Format (MS Word)Wim WoutersDownload
BWBlack and White image file formatDownload
BYTCCD Astrocamera format BYT for the CCDUTIL SoftwareHans-Rudolf WernliDownload
CAMCasio Camera Format (incomplete)Kazuhiko IwamaDownload
CBDVector map data format for MapBrowser and MapWriterBrian Reid / Steve PutzDownload
CDFCyberspace Description FormatCarl TollanderLINK
 NASA Common Data FormatNASALINK
CEGContinuous Edge Graphic File FormatMax MaischeinDownload
CGECCD Astrocamera format CGE for the CCDGALRY SoftwareHans-Rudolf WernliDownload
CGMComputer Graphics Metafile (CGM) Implementation StandardUS DoDDownload
 CGM Open Consortium36282LINK
 CGM format description (MS Word)Download
CIFFCanon CIFF formatCanonDownload
CITIntergraph Raster File Format Reference GuideIntergraph CorporationLINK
CMPLeadview bitmapLEAD TechnologiesLINK
COLColour Palette File FormatMax MaischeinDownload
COMMODORE Commodore 64 File Formats: ARC, ARK, SRK, FRZ, C4-, CPK, CVT, D64, D71, D81, LBR, LHA, LNX, SDA, SFX, T64, WRA, X64, ZIP and othersDownload
CRWThe Canon RAW (CRW) File FormatLINK
CTBLCTBL and SHAM dynamic colour tablesDownload
CUTDr Halo CUT filesBob MontgomeryDownload
CVGCalamus CVG FormatDownload
DCXDCX Graphics File FormatMarcus LamDownload
DEMVistaPro Landscape FormatDownload
 US Geological Survey/National Mapping Division .DEMLINK
DICOMDicom format informationLead technologiesLINK
 Official DICOM homepageNEMALINK

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