Extensions: 'J'

FormatDescriptionAuthorFile / Link
JAMJamCracker Module FormatThomas NeumannDownload
 Joaquim-Andrew-Mats Message Base ProposalJoaquim HomrighausenDownload
JARJAR archive file formatDownload
JAVAArticle about class file formatLINK
 Alternative source for Java .class file formatLINK
JBIG2JBIG2 working draft; standardized bilevel image compressionJPEG committeeLINK
JEDJEDEC programming specificationDownload
JOYSTICKProgramming the PC JoystickDownload
JPEGFull JPEG standard (PDF version)ITU/CCITTDownload
 JPEG Compression Standard (Acrobat)Gregory K. WallaceDownload
 JPEG File FormatEric HamiltonDownload
 Full JPEG standard (postscript)ITU/CCITTDownload
 JPEG Compression and the JPEG file format & sourcecodeCristian CuturicuDownload

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