Windows Files

FormatDescriptionAuthorFile / Link
ADMWindows ADM policy template filesMicrosoftDownload
ANIWindows 95 Animated Cursor FormatR. James HoughtalingDownload
AVIAVI Graphics Format Overview FAQJohn F. McGowanLINK
 AVI File format (MS Word)Download
BMPThe .bmp file formatStefan HetzlLINK
 OS/2 Bitmap formatLINK
 Windows Bitmap-File AddendumKevin D. QuittDownload
 Windows BMP Format (MS Word)Wim WoutersDownload
 Windows Bitmap-File Formats (.BMP/.CUR/.ICO)Download
CABMS CAB file format with sourceDownload
CACHEInternet Explorer / Netscape Temporary Internet Files Cache (index.dat)Will KranzDownload
CALWindows 3.1 Calendar FormatMicrosoft Corp.Download
CHMMicrosoft's HTML Help (.chm) format (Incomplete)Matthew T. RussottoDownload
CLPWindows 3.1 Clipboard FormatMicrosoft Corp.Download
CODECSWAVE and AVI Codec RegistriesE. FleischmanDownload
 Video compressors/decompressors (codecs) used by Video for Windows and ActiveMovieDave WilsonLINK
CRDWindows 3.1 Cardfile FormatMicrosoft Corp.Download
EMLOutlook Express for MacAnders LönnbergDownload
EVTWindows Event Viewer Saved LogsBill MeneesDownload
FNDWindows 95 Find File Format (partial details)Edward BlakeDownload
FNTWindows 3.1 Bitmap Font FormatMicrosoft Corp.Download
FONWindows FON file formatBrian BiDownload
GRPWindows 3.1 Program Manager GroupsMicrosoft Corp.Download
HLPOS/2 Help File FormatMax MaischeinDownload
 Utility to disect help filesM. WinterhoffDownload
 HLP/ANN/SHG/MRB Windows 3.x/95 help filesM. WinterhoffDownload
 Useful site devoted to Help filesLINK
HPJHelp project file formatMicrosoftDownload
ICOIcon resources in ICO, DLL and EXE files (Also CUR files)John HornickDownload
INFTemplate for use when creating INF filesRobert RappDownload
LNKWindows .LNK file format sample codeDonald MurrayDownload
 The Windows Shortcut File FormatJesse HagerDownload
 LNK ShortCut Format Example in DOS C CodeWill KranzDownload
LONG FILENVFAT Directory (with Long Filenames)Vajda FerencDownload
 How Windows 95 stores LONG FILENAMESJozsef HidasiDownload
 Windows Long File NamesJustin PiperDownload
MSGOutlook MSG file formatPeter FiskerstrandDownload
PRNWindows PRN Print FilesDownload
REGWindows Registry File Format (ASCII .REG format)Jeroen MostertDownload
 Windows Registry Files system.dat and user.dat (and CONFIG.POL format)Download

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