Extensions: 'X'

FormatDescriptionAuthorFile / Link
XDirectX SDK & resourcesMicrosoftLINK
 Microsoft DirectX File Format Specification Version 1.13 (MSWord)MicrosoftDownload
X3DXara 3D (X3D) file format informationBastiaan van der WulpLINK
XAMaxis XA Audio File Format DescriptionValery V. AnisimovskyDownload
XANNXANN Packer formatAsle / ReDoXDownload
XBEXbox XBE File Format v0.9Download
XBMX BitMap FormatDownload
XCRXCR Archive File FormatDownload
XDOCXerox ScanWorX and Textbridge OCR File Format (Word)XeroxDownload
XLSMicrosoft Excel File Format (version 2.1)Download
 OLE Compound File (Structured Storage) formatLINK
 The Chicago Project - GPL Excel projectCharles WybleLINK
 Microsoft Excel File Format (versions 2, 3, 4, 5, 95, 97, 2000, XP)Daniel RentzDownload
 Java Excel APILINK
 Microsoft Excel Binary File Format (unknown version)Mark O'BrienDownload
 VB class to write an Excel BIFF 2.1 spreadsheet directlyPaul SquiresDownload
 Microsoft Office 97 Excel chart file formatMicrosoft Corp.Download
 Microsoft Office 97 Excel file formatMicrosoft Corp.Download
 OpenOffice.org's Documentation of the Microsoft Excel File Format Versions 2, 3, 4, 5, 95, 97, 2000, XP, 2003Daniel RentzDownload
 Compound File Binary File FormatMicrosoft CorporationLINK
XMXM Module Format Description (with corrections)Mr H/TritonDownload
 Errors in the XM format documentationZvika Ben-HaimDownload
XMIMOF 2.0/XMI Mapping Specification, v2.1Download
XMLExtensible Markup Language (XML) 1.0LINK
XMSXMS-Tracker FormatDownload
 eXtended Memory Specification (XMS), ver 3.0Microsoft CorporationDownload
XPMX PIxMap Format definition (Acrobat)Arnaud le HorsDownload
XWDX Window Dump filesDownload
XY3XyWrite xy3 and xy4 formats & informationCarl L. Distefano, Robert J. HolmgrenLINK
XYZRM2k XYZ Graphics FormatKevin Gadd aka "Janus/Kaimu"Download

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