Game Files

FormatDescriptionAuthorFile / Link
APCCryo Interactive APC Audio File Formats (.APC, .HNM, .BF, .ZIK)Valery V. AnisimovskyDownload
ARKUltima Underworld (and II) unofficial specsJim CameronLINK
ASFElectronic Arts Audio File Formats (.ASF, .AS4, .KSF, .EAS, .SPH, .BNK, .CRD, .TGV)Valery V. AnisimovskyDownload
AUDAUD file format used in Command & Conquer and RedalertVladan BatoDownload
 Westwood Studios AUD Audio File Formats (.AUD, .TLK, .PAK, .VQA) AddendumValery V. AnisimovskyDownload
BDCFFBoulderDash Common File FormatPeter BroadribbLINK
 C64 BoulderDash Construction Kit File FormatPeter BroadribbLINK
BLBDreamWorks BLB Resource, Music and Sound FormatsValery V. AnisimovskyDownload
BSPQuake 2 BSP File FormatMax McGuireLINK
CHESSBASELots of Chess utilities and informationLINK
 Chess Base (.CBI/.CBF/.ECO/.FBK) formats and sourcecodeDownload
CINCinematic files from Id's Quake IITim FergusonLINK
CLURevolution CLU Resource, Music and Sound FormatsValery V. AnisimovskyDownload
CMPFutureVision Audio File Formats (.CMP, .FST, .DAT)Valery V. AnisimovskyDownload
COMMAND &aCommand & Conquer Formats siteLINK
 Command & Conquer Formats (.MIX, .PAL, .BIN, .SHP, .CPS, .WSA) v4Vladan BatoDownload
 Command & Conquer Maps (.MIX)Vladan BatoDownload
DAPAdvanced Gameboy Editor 'polyester' filesWayne MikeDownload
DEMQuake/Hexen II .DEM file formatLINK
DIRCommandos: Behind Enemy Lines WARGAME.DIR file formatDownload
DM2Quake II recorded game formatLINK
DMODuke Nukem 3D/Redneck Rampage recorded gamesLINK
FARThe Sims FAR and IFF formatsLINK
FCENeed for Speed HS (4) mesh format For Speed HS (4) mesh formatDownload
FSTFlight Simulation Toolkit file formatsDownload
GAFTotal Annihilation GAF formatJoe DDownload
GAME FILESThe Definitive Guide To Exploring Game File Formats.Mr.Mouse and WATTOLINK
GAMEBOYGameboy specifications and informationVariousDownload
GAUMS Flightsim Gauge File Dissassembly tool (GAU=renamed DLL)Jean-Marc LalouetteDownload
GMPThe Go Modem ProtocolDavid FotlandLINK
GRPGRP file format - used by Blizzard Inc. for StarCraft(TM)TeLAMoN of 2XSDownload
GTPGo Text ProtocolLINK
HPITotal Annihilation HPI formatJoe DDownload
HQRLittle Big Adventure HQR and VOX filesthe KILLERDownload
ISHIISHI Format for Go Data FilesDavid FotlandLINK
ISSFunCom ISS Audio File Format (.ISS, .XARC)Valery V. AnisimovskyDownload
LABLucas Arts 'LABN' File FormatDownload
LBXLBX archives used in some old gamesClaudio FontanaDownload
LMPQuake1 LMP FormatMartin GustafssonDownload
 Doom/Doom II/Heretic/Hexen/Strife recorded gamesLINK

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