Extensions: 'W'

FormatDescriptionAuthorFile / Link
WADThe Tomb Raider 3 Audio Format (cdaudio.wad)Sven BachmannDownload
 The Unofficial Doom Specs (WAD files and lots more)Matthew S FellDownload
WALQuake2 image file formatDownload
WARWeb Application ArchiveSun Microsystems Inc.LINK
WARCRAFTWarcraft 2 PUD/SAV/EXE/WAR formatsDownload
WAVWAVE formats and compression typesMicrosoftDownload
 WAVE File FormatMicrosoftDownload
 Microsoft WAV Sound File Format (MS Word)Rob Ryan/Robert ShulerDownload
WEBOpen standard file format for vector graphics on the Web (WEB or XAR extensions)XaraLINK
WIFWeaving Information FormatLINK
WINPOINTWinpoint Mortgage loan file format (MS Excel format)Download
WKSWKS ReferenceLotus Development CorporationDownload
 Lotus wk* file format spec.LotusDownload
WMFWindows Metafile FormatMicrosoft Corp.Download
 Windows Metafile Format WMF/EMF/APM (html)O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.Download
 More information on WMF filesCaolan McNamaraLINK
WNWanton Packer formatAsle / ReDoXDownload
WORD CODINWord Coding Compression AlgorithmJeff Connelly, expanded by Thomas ChristensenDownload
WORDPERFECWordPerfect file format (WP5.0, WP5.1, WPWin 5.1/5.2)Download
 Wordperfect 7 File FormatCorelLINK
 Wordperfect File Format (Incomplete)Max MaischeinDownload
WORDSTARWordStar 7.0 File FormatDownload
WOWMod's Grave (aka "Grave Composer")Stefan DanesDownload
WPSharp Font Writer WP filesMatthew LewisLINK
WRIWindows 3.1 Write FormatSean YoungDownload
WSCTeam17's Worms Scheme File FormatDennis RybesDownload
WSQWavelet-packet Scalar Quantization Format (postscript)LINK

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