Font Files

FormatDescriptionAuthorFile / Link
ABFAdobe Binary Screen Font Files Specification Version 2.0 (Acrobat)AdobeDownload
ACORNAcorn Font FormatDownload
AFMAdobe Font Metrics File Format Specification Version 4.1 (Acrobat)AdobeDownload
BDFGlyph Bitmap Distribution Format Specification Version 2.2 (Acrobat)AdobeDownload
 Bitmap Distribution Format Version 2.1Download
CFFThe Compact Font Format Specification v1.0 (Acrobat)AdobeDownload
CPIDOS CPI FontsErik BachmannDownload
DRSDrawperfect 1.0 fontsDownload
FNTWindows 3.1 Bitmap Font FormatMicrosoft Corp.Download
FONWindows FON file formatBrian BiDownload
GFTeX GF formatDownload
HBFHanzi Bitmap Font (HBF) File Format version 1.1LINK
PCFPCF File FormatDownload
PFRRFC 3073 - Portable Font Resource (PFR)The Internet SocietyLINK
 Bitstream TrueDoc PFR SpecificationBitstream Inc.LINK
PKTeX/Metafont PK bitmap font formatDownload
TFMTeX font metrics file formatDownload
TTFOpentype SpecMicrosoft Corp.LINK
 Truetype Spec 1.66Microsoft Corp.Download
 TTF free source projectLINK
 The TrueType Font FileAppleLINK

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