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FormatDescriptionAuthorFile / Link
AC3AC3 Audio and various digital audio & video standardsAdvanced Television Systems CommitteeLINK
ANIMIFF format for CEL animationsSparta Inc.Download
 Deluxe Paint Anim FilesDownload
AVIAVI Graphics Format Overview FAQJohn F. McGowanLINK
 AVI File format (MS Word)Download
BVHCharacter Studio 2.0 BVH File Format Specification Character Studio 2.0 BVH File Format SpecificationDownload
BYUBYU Animation FormatLINK
C3DBiomechanical data file formatAndrew DainisDownload
 C3D Format websiteMotion Lab Systems, Inc.LINK
CELAutodesk Animator CEL File FormatMax MaischeinDownload
CINCinematic files from Id's Quake IITim FergusonLINK
CODECSVideo compressors/decompressors (codecs) used by Video for Windows and ActiveMovieDave WilsonLINK
 WAVE and AVI Codec RegistriesE. FleischmanDownload
DFFDFF File FormatSteven BelskyDownload
DVMDVM Movie File FormatBert GreevenboschDownload
FILMSTRIPFilmstrip v1.0 format (Acrobat)AdobeDownload
FLCAnimator Pro File Formats (FLC, FLI, CEL, PIC, MSK, COL, PLY, TWO, OPT) (RTF)Download
FLIFLIc Files Format descriptionMike HaalandDownload
FLICThe FLIC file format (FLI and FLC)ITB CompuPhaseDownload
FLTAutodesk Animator FLC/FLT File FormatMax MaischeinDownload
GLGRASP animation filesGeorge PhillipsDownload
LCCLCC video file formatLINK
LZALZA Animation File FormatBrian JensenDownload
MEDIA INFOGeneral Media Info, Common Frame Sizes/Resolutions Sample Rates and encodingShan WeberDownload
MKVMatroska file formats (MKV, MKA, MKS)LINK
MNGMultiple Network GraphicsLINK
MOVQuickTime Movie FormatShan WeberDownload
 QuickTime Movie File Format May 1996)AppleDownload
 QuickTime Atom HacksShan WeberDownload
 QuickTime moviesAppleLINK
MPEGISO/IEC 13818-1 MPEG-2 SystemsISO/IECDownload
 ISO/IEC 13818-2 MPEG-2 VideoISO/IECDownload
 ISO/IEC 13818-3 MPEG-2 AudioISO/IECDownload
 MPEG-2 Technical Frequently Asked Questions listChad FoggDownload
 Moving Picture Experts GroupLINK
 MPEG-4 Audio Reference Software (C code)Various AuthorsDownload
 MPEG A Multimedia Application Format Overview and Requirements (v.2)Wo ChangLINK
 MPEG Video Header (Partial Information)Wilson WooDownload
 MPEG 21 Overview v.5LINK
 MPEG 7 OverviewLINK

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