Internet Files and Formats

FormatDescriptionAuthorFile / Link
AGENTForte Agent and FreeAgent data filesRay DelioDownload
BASE64RFC2045: BASE64 MIME encodingLINK
BBSHudson message base files (C code)F.W. van WensveenDownload
BLUEWAVEBluewave files: (INF, MIX, FTI, DAT, XTI, UPL, UPI, REQ, PDQ) Version 2.01George HatchewDownload
 Bluewave files: (INF, MIX, FTI, DAT, XTI, UPL, UPI, REQ, PDQ) Version 3.00George HatchewDownload
CACHEInternet Explorer / Netscape Temporary Internet Files Cache (index.dat)Will KranzDownload
CDFCyberspace Description FormatCarl TollanderLINK
CHTICQ Chat File SpecificationRemy LebeauLINK
COOKIENetscape COOKIE.TXT FilesDownload
CSSCascading Style Sheets 1LINK
 Cascading Style Sheets 2LINK
DBXOutlook Express DBX files siteArne SchlohLINK
 Outlook Express Version 5.0 file formatWill KranzDownload
 Outlook Express 5 DBX message filesSimon CraythornDownload
 File format for Outlook Express 5.0 DBX filesDave SmithDownload
DIZFILE_ID.DIZ file formatDownload
EMLOutlook Express for MacAnders LönnbergDownload
ETFEnriched Text Format for mail messagesLINK
FFIVWFile Format for the Interchange of Virtual WorldsLINK
FONTelix Telephone Book File FormatMax MaischeinDownload
FTPFile Transfer Protocol SpecificationVariousLINK
HTMLHTML 4 Specification (W3C approved)Dave RaggettLINK
 HTML 2.0 (RFC 1866 approved by IETF)LINK
 HTML 3.2 Specification (W3C approved)Dave RaggettLINK
HTTPHTTP - Hypertext Transfer ProtocolW3CLINK
ICMPInternet Control Message ProtocolLINK
ICSiCalendar file formatThe Internet SocietyLINK
IDXOutlook Express (IE4) Index File Format and Mailbox files (with C code)Tom GallagherDownload
 Outlook Express (IE4) Index File FormatJeff Evans, Arne SchlohDownload
 Outlook Express Index and message file formatsBarry EggersDownload
IPInternet ProtocolLINK
JAMJoaquim-Andrew-Mats Message Base ProposalJoaquim HomrighausenDownload
MBXMBX Mailbox file formatMichael SantovecDownload
MIMERFC1521: Mechanism for specifying and describing the format of Internet message bodiesVariousLINK
 MIME OverviewMark GrandDownload
 RFC1522: Message header extensions for non-Ascii textVariousLINK
MSGOutlook MSG file formatPeter FiskerstrandDownload
NETSCAPENetscape Cache FAT.DBFrancois CrevolaLINK
OOGLWeb Object Oriented Graphics LibraryLINK
PABMS Exchange Personal Address Book FormatHans DijkemaDownload

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