Hardware Formats

FormatDescriptionAuthorFile / Link
AC97Audio Codec '97 soundcard data formatIntel CorporationDownload
COMMSAdobe Serial and Parallel Communications Protocols Specification (Acrobat)AdobeDownload
FAT32FAT12/16/32 File System SpecificationMicrosoft CorporationDownload
FPGAXilinx .BIT File FormatAlan NishiokaDownload
GAMEPADProgramming the Gravis GamePad and Analog ProDownload
HFSHFS Plus Volume FormatAppleDownload
HP82240BHP82240B printer codesJarno PeschierLINK
INTEL MMXIntel MMX Instructions also extra Cyrix extensionsDownload
INTEL x86Intel Instruction Sets (Word)Download
 Intel 8086/80186/80286/80386/80486 Instruction SetsDownload
JOYSTICKProgramming the PC JoystickDownload
KEYBOARDProgramming the KeyboardDownload
MBRMaster Boot RecordsPowerJoeLINK
 DOS Partition TablesAndries BrouwerLINK
MOUSEAST IR mouse with C and a CC class examples for LinuxWilliam EckertDownload
 Genius Mouse Driver Programmers Reference (Applies to all serial mice)Download
 Programming the Microsoft MouseDownload
NDSNovell's Netware Directory Services (NDS)Simple NomadDownload
NTFSNTFS file system documentationLINK
PARALLELParallel Port CentralLINK
 IEEE 1284 Parallel Port InformationLINK
PCIPCI Bus InformationLINK
PITProgramming the Intel 8253 Programmable Interval TimerDownload
SCSIAdobe SCSI Input Protocol Specification Version 1.0 (Acrobat)AdobeDownload
SERIALSerial Port CentralLINK
SPEAKERProgramming the PC SpeakerDownload
UDFUniversal Disk Format (Acrobat)LINK
VESAVESA BIOS Eextension (VBE) Core Functions Version 2.0VESADownload
 VESA Super VGA BIOS ExtensionsVESADownload
 VESA BIOS Eextension (VBE) Core Functions Version 3.0VESADownload
VGAVGA and SVGA info for various video cardsFinn ThoegersenDownload
 Introduction to Programming the SVGA CardsDownload
 VGA Bios layoutDownload
 Programming the VGA RegistersBoone (boone@ucsd.edu)Download

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